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I seem to be making a lot of lists lately. Never mind, here’s some interesting stuff:

Back to writing now. Almost finished with my changes to Phenomenon 32, by the way.

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  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one who noticed Bruce in the Tron trailer. Even my mother, who is also a big B5 fan, didn’t notice.

    I also enjoyed the Common Ground comic. Scientology: A religion made 60 years ago on a bet by a (bad) sci-fi author trying to prove that making your own religion is how you get rich quick. I think he later admitted to it, too. Funny.

    And the Reagan thing? Yeah, that’s one more reason I don’t like Republicans. Not too fond of Democrats either. Heck, the two-party system is choking America, and we’ll be corporate-run in 10 years if we’re not already.

    Being poor has one perk: Doesn’t matter how screwed up the government is, it’ll barely affect you, if it affects you at all.

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