So when are we going to call persecution by its name?

The FBI has once again proven its dedication to democracy and human rights, this time by engaging in one of the favourite hobbies of the intelligence community: killing Muslims. Preferably poor ones.

Abdullah, 53, was shot 18 times by an FBI “counterterrorism” squad in a warehouse in the suburb of Dearborn, after allegedly firing his gun. Abdullah and ten followers were not accused of terrorism, but mail fraud, conspiracy to sell stolen goods, and illegal possession of firearms. These are comparatively minor charges for which the government has thus far provided little evidence, and would carry a prison sentence, not the death penalty effectively applied by the federal agents.

And the press, of course, is covering it with the profound objectivity that can only be the result of the triumph of capitalism:

Yet even if the informants’ statements regarding Abdullah’s comments are accepted at face value, they hardly prove violent intent. According to one informant’s claim, Abdullah said he would not support terrorist activities when the Super Bowl was held in Detroit in 2006. “Abdullah said he would not be involved in injuring innocent people for no reason: ‘If there’s something to be done … it’s going to be legitimate,’” the complaint says.

Scandalously, the Detroit Free Press reported Abdullah’s rejection of attacking the Super Bowl with the following sub-headline: “Abdullah spoke of attacking Super Bowl XL.

And people tell me that comparisons to Nazi times are inappropriate. But even in the 1930s, they didn’t start out by executing Jews. They started out with exactly this kind of persecution, and only worked their way up to full-on slaughter later. Will this happen in the US and Europe? Probably not. But persecution, murder and enslavement? We’re on our way there, and quickly.

We need resistance, and quickly, or this civilization is going down the drain; and I don’t see us coming out any time soon.

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