Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize (for War Criminals)

I always knew the Nobel Peace Prize was a joke.

But Obama. OBAMA? Obama who is continuing the occupation of Iraq? Obama who has intensified the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Obama, whose orders have already killed hundreds of civilians, if not more? Obama who would not prosecute people who said it was legal to crush a child’s testicles to get the child’s parents to cooperate? Obama who is building a concentration camp even larger than Guantanamo? THAT Barack Obama?

ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FRICKING MINDS? Who’s up next? Hannibal Lecter? Osama bin Laden? Hey, how about Mussolini, I’m sure Berlusconi would be delighted. How about Josef Mengele? How about Henry Kissinger?

Oh, wait. You already had that one.

Congratulations, you hypocritical swine. You have done your part to perpetuate the catastrophic conditions we live in.


  1. Jonas, I’m hardly qualified to be handing out wisdom of any sort, but here’s mine anyway: Nobody wants peace, not real peace. Everybody just wants their own way. You me, everybody. Humanity is just a bunch of spoiled brats, glorified animals. I lost faith in humanity and any hope for its goodness ages ago, and I’m forced to go through it all again every single day.

    This is their definition of peace. I don’t like it anymore than you do. To be completely honest, I laughed when I saw that they awarded Obama the Nobel. It just reinforced what I believe about people, and strengthened my desire to live some place grassy and quiet and away from real people.

    Of course, I retain just enough faith in humanity’s capacity for good to hope I meet a woman some day that’ll put up with me. Not enough to go about spouting nonsense like, “People are essentially good” and what have you. But enough. If it weren’t for that, I’d be plotting to blow up the planet itself, and let God sort out the asteroids and space debris.

    So, the best thing you can do is just laugh and keep doing what means the most to you. The ones like us, the artists… that’s all we have, all we can do. We point out what’s wrong in the world, but then we take it and make it beautiful. We, the artists, are the balance. Everyone else is just a glorified animal.

  2. I used to think like that, but I don’t anymore. I often despair at the horror of our world, and the idiocy of our civilization, but I always try to remember how many good people are out there. I try to remember the protests against the war in Iraq, where I saw old women (at least seventy years old) protesting in the streets with everyone else, against a war half a world away. I try to remember the old people standing up to the police in order to protect the students in the recent riots in Greece. I try to remember all those thousands who sacrifice themselves every day to help others. I try to remember that this species has brought forth William Blake, and Carl Sagan, and Stephen King, and millions of other people who fill my world with light.

    And, more importantly, I try to remember that even in the dumbest of people, even in those where I feel that they have no understanding of life at all, there is love and joy as real as anything that I experience. Their priorities may be fucked up, they may annoy the hell out of me, but that does not mean that there is nothing valid at all about their existence. This is a difficult lesson to learn, but it is perhaps the most important: empathy, the ability to see beyond our disagreements. Without it, the artist is blind.

    And people do want peace. We have a long and bloody history of demonstrations and uprisings to show that. What people are lacking is a way of finding peace; they don’t understand why war happens, because they don’t know to read history. But there’s nothing to say this cannot be changed. A few hundred years ago, almost no-one knew how to read the alphabet; now most people do. This is not a small thing.

    Artists are not apart from the world – we’re in it, experiencing it with everyone else. If we see horrors and do not fight against them, we are simply turning our backs on everyone else, telling ourselves we are observing from outside. Art is not just a pretty picture to balance out the terror. Art is a sword to attack the terror with.

  3. omax

    Obama is a puppet of the elite banker ruling class. He is no different than the last 20 years of corporate interest rule. People are still caught up in the LEFT/RIGHT paradigm, not realizing that it keeps them from seeing the big picture, while they hoot and holler for the newest leader as they have their pockets picked and their constitutional rights destroyed.

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