Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize (for War Criminals)

I always knew the Nobel Peace Prize was a joke.

But Obama. OBAMA? Obama who is continuing the occupation of Iraq? Obama who has intensified the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Obama, whose orders have already killed hundreds of civilians, if not more? Obama who would not prosecute people who said it was legal to crush a child’s testicles to get the child’s parents to cooperate? Obama who is building a concentration camp even larger than Guantanamo? THAT Barack Obama?

ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FRICKING MINDS? Who’s up next? Hannibal Lecter? Osama bin Laden? Hey, how about Mussolini, I’m sure Berlusconi would be delighted. How about Josef Mengele? How about Henry Kissinger?

Oh, wait. You already had that one.

Congratulations, you hypocritical swine. You have done your part to perpetuate the catastrophic conditions we live in.

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