Jonas Rambles On, Episode 1

And now for something completely different: a fresh and minty podcast! Yes, from now on this website shall feature its own delicious podcast, full of utter nonsense that no-one in their right minds wants to hear! Uh, I mean, its own incredibly interesting podcast about topics so profoundly interesting, they will make your brain melt.

Or maybe it’s just a chance to listen to a writer and game designer you like rambling on about anything he’s currently interested in. Hey, it might be fun.

In today’s episode: Phenomenon 32, The Great Machine: A Nightmare, various thoughts about art and the artist, a complaint about RPGs, and a short note on the importance of feedback. The name of the podcast is probably just temporary, until I come up with something I like.

Music: “Serenity” from the album Sedative, by BLUnderwood.



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