Jonas Rambles On, Episode 1

And now for something completely different: a fresh and minty podcast! Yes, from now on this website shall feature its own delicious podcast, full of utter nonsense that no-one in their right minds wants to hear! Uh, I mean, its own incredibly interesting podcast about topics so profoundly interesting, they will make your brain melt.

Or maybe it’s just a chance to listen to a writer and game designer you like rambling on about anything he’s currently interested in. Hey, it might be fun.

In today’s episode: Phenomenon 32, The Great Machine: A Nightmare, various thoughts about art and the artist, a complaint about RPGs, and a short note on the importance of feedback. The name of the podcast is probably just temporary, until I come up with something I like.

Music: “Serenity” from the album Sedative, by BLUnderwood.



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  1. I enjoyed the podcast, Jonas. Now I can put a voice to the face (I’m not surprised by it, but I think that has something to do with the Phenomenon 32 trailer you made).

    Anyway, glad to hear that 32 is on its way.

    Also, I don’t think you’ll die on your honeymoon. More likely an EMP will hit near your house, fry the harddrive and put your cat in a bad mood. Or someone will steal the cat.

    You know what? I wanna see this film. As trivial as this is, I’m gonna pray that nothing bad happens to you so that you can finish this thing. What God does is His choice as the Author, but hope springs eternal. And it helps to ask, at least.

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