Harsh Interrogation Techniques

Read this and weep.

In another graphic instance, a former Iraqi general was beaten by U.S. forces and suffocated to death. The military officer charged in the death was given just 60 days house arrest.

“Abed Hamed Mowhoush [was] a former Iraqi general beaten over days by U.S. Army, CIA and other non-military forces, stuffed into a sleeping bag, wrapped with electrical cord, and suffocated to death,” Human Rights First writes. “In the recently concluded trial of a low-level military officer charged in Mowhoush’s death, the officer received a written reprimand, a fine, and 60 days with his movements limited to his work, home, and church.”

But all is justified in the name of imperialism and state terror protecting freedom. And Bush III glorious, shining Obama can’t do anything about all of this, because he wants to keep on using the same techniques we have to move on and forget the past.

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