The Remnant

I made a very peculiar trophy for a game of Neptune’s Pride. Wait, what? Yes, I really did. I suppose it must be one of the stranger gaming trophies in the world. To find out more, head on over to Electron Dance.

Carbonara, Proteus and Donald Duck

I’ve been working too hard to have the time for a proper update, so tonight I’m posting some links. But I’m also working on getting the remaining Compendium images posted (in the mail and on this blog). I’m very sorry for taking so long, but I try very hard to …

Accidental Surrealism

I’ve mentioned before that my computer is having a bit of a problem with 3D graphics. They run fine most of the time, but then there are bizarre crashes that ultimately stop the whole program from functioning, and even alt-tabbing out takes skill and preparation. I’m guessing it’s a hardware …

Something To Think About

I’ll have some proper updates for you tomorrow – a list of what I’m working on as well as a new Compendium entry. I’ve been working very hard this week, but several projects should soon be finished. Until then, here’s a video I would like you to watch. I know …


I thought it would be important to post something more serious today… …but then I changed my mind.


Alright, so this isn’t my big project update post thingy. I’ll put that up later. But here’s a clip that makes me laugh so hard I get weak in the knees: Ah, Frankie Boyle. Now there’s a genius.

Just a cat

Nope. No philosophy, no announcements. Such things may be posted very soon, but not right now. Right now there is a photo of our cat. And I’m going to bed.