Carbonara, Proteus and Donald Duck

I’ve been working too hard to have the time for a proper update, so tonight I’m posting some links. But I’m also working on getting the remaining Compendium images posted (in the mail and on this blog). I’m very sorry for taking so long, but I try very hard to make each entry really unique and meaningful, and lately the combination of work and sickness has slowed my progress.

Anyway. Links!

  • Would you like to see some spaghetti carbonara… in a cube?
  • Proteus is available for preorder! In case you haven’t heard of it, Proteus is a completely goalless exploration game with a strong musical element. I’ve played it (thanks to my nefarious connections to the indie scene) and it’s simply magnificent. An experience that no modern commercial game can match.
  • This Donald Duck short was legendary in my family. I really need to show it to my father when I get the chance. Seeing it again after nearly twenty years was strangely moving. (It’s also good to know that it’s still as funny as I remembered it being.)

That’s it. Oh, and the Oscars really sucked this year. I was looking forward to Billy Crystal hosting the show again, but I was under the impression that he was still alive.


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