Links! 03/06/2013

Time for more links.

  • Oneiropolis Compendium: The Moddhey Dhoo. I’m kind of sad the Compendium can’t get more attention; I think it’s some of the best writing I’ve ever done. I don’t think there’s a lot like it on the internet. Anyway, here’s a new entry.
  • Scientists As Heroes: Greg Egan’s Teranesia. We’ve been a bit slow due to illness, but The Secret Gates is turning into a rather nice site.
  • Curing Cancer: A Fable. Steven Brust nails it. “The liberal doctor understood that sometimes cancer was harmful, but thought it could be controlled so it would be a kindlier, gentler cancer.”
  • Recessions can hurt, but austerity kills. No comment necessary.
  • Occupy Gezi. Pictures that you need to see.
  • Mass protests shake Turkish government. Already outdated, but contains useful background info.
  • The death of Ibragim Todashev. A very, very strange case.
  • The New Fuck You. I am legally obligated to post this song every now and again.
  • New Age of the Fist. Another song I need to post regularly. Dedicated to the delusional shithead who called me a “brocialist” for saying identity politics are middle-class. Because, you know, your whole terminology is totally not the product of middle-class academia. No, I’m sure it was invented by striking miners.
  • Bundle in a Box. Contains all four Blackwell games, plus lots more.
  • Intersectionality and identity politics and The objectivity of oppression. “After all, the people who are troubled by the discourse of intersectionality are not white supremacists or Westboro Baptist style homophobes, but tend to be people with egalitarian political principles and a strong commitment to social justice.”
  • Purity leftism. The tendency of the German left towards clownishness and politics-as-lifestyle is precisely what’s kept me away after my early encounters with it during my student years. I still feel conflicted about that, but I also don’t believe that growing dreadlocks, stuffing euro bills into your nose and dancing about in front of a bank particularly threatens capitalism. Or that sitting on sofas drinking coffee is a way of stopping student fees. Thanks, but I don’t want to relive 1968. I’m stuck in 2013 and I’ll like to fix things here.