Hello there, humans

It would appear that my pets now have something called an “internet connection” – a contraption which they were lacking for a while, and the lack of which caused them to moan and complain and gnaw at various cables. Most distressing, really. However, the long months of their isolation are now finally over, and though they still need to invest a fair amount of time into making sure they can afford to repay my company with tuna and chicken and other such necessities, they will soon be able to resume following their normal, mostly instinctual behavioral patterns.

Those of you waiting for further images in that charming series known as the Oneiropolis Compendium – the main flaw of which is its lack of focus on Katsouli and cat-related matters, though the entry about Dogpuncher was appreciated – should know that more stories and images will be revealed very soon, and that most of the orders will have been processed in a few days. If your order is one of those still not processed, my humans hope that you will not be annoyed that they have taken so long to finish them. As previous posts show, a great deal of work and love go into each image and story, which is surely better than just taking money from people and giving them hastily-made nonsense. Well, that’s what they think. They are quite wrong, of course, but you must forgive them, they are such simple creatures.

If you are nonetheless displeased, or bored with your existence (how do you survive without butchering a mouse every now and then?) then I suggest you spend some time enjoying the deep, intellectual pleasures of classical music.


Cat Kyratzes

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