Phenomenon 32 Released

After fourteen months of hard work, an unspecified number of nervous breakdowns, and entirely too many postponements, Phenomenon 32 is ready to be released. I won’t say it’s finished, since we all know that games are never finished, only compiled – but it’s there, and you can play it.

It’s hard for me to describe what I’m feeling right now; pride, tiredness and terror are all part of it. I’m happy that the game works for me, that I enjoyed playing it; terrified that it will have technical problems or unforseen issues. I guess it’s normal to feel that way when releasing anything – a book, a game, a child.

I’m sure there’s still plenty of frustration and bug-hunting and screaming at the ceiling in store for me, but it feels good to have reached this goal. Others can now explore the strange Earth I spent the last fourteen months on. That is a good feeling.

And once I’ve gotten some sleep, there is so much more to work on – stuff I’ve been looking forward to for some time now. There’s a movie, and a new game, and screenplays, and short stories, and all sorts of other stuff.

I’ll talk about all that later. For now, it is time for you to begin your journey to the ruins of Earth, where nothing is what it used to be…

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