Wer hat uns verraten?

I’ve posted this before, and I’ll probably post it again, but with the coming elections here in Germany this is an important reminder of what the SPD (the Social Democrat Party) actually stands for. It was the SPD and the Greens that went to war against Kosovo, a war as illegal and immoral as the one against Iraq, and supported it with arguments worthy of George Bush (“Milošević is the second Hitler! Bombing civilians saves them from persecution!”). It was the SPD and the Greens that began dismantling the welfare state. It was the SPD and the Greens that secretly helped the United States transport prisoners to third-world countries where they could be tortured and in some cases killed. It was the SPD and the Greens, now selling themselves as progressives, that betrayed everything their parties supposedly stood for. The differences between them and the CDU and the FDP are minimal at best – and at least we know what those parties stand for. When the FDP tells you that their program is to bring more evil into the world, you know they’re telling you the truth. But when the Greens say they want environmentalism and peace, they mean they want to dump their garbage in the Balkans and declare war on third-world countries that “pose a threat to civilization,” like Afghanistan. Either that or they want to save them by bombing them. Also like Afghanistan.

So, please, if you think that civilization is more important than Social Darwinism, and cooperation more important than competition and greed, vote left. Vote the Left Party, or if you think they’re too flawed, vote the PSG. If you’re evil and think rich people deserve to be richer without working while the people who actually work should be exploited, vote FDP or CDU or NPD or some similar group of slimeballs, and we’ll talk again in a few years… but do not vote the SPD or the Greens. If there’s ever going to be any progress towards a fairer society, those two parties will have to go. As appealing as their propaganda may sound, they have shown their true faces.

And if you don’t believe that, just ask some of the dead in Kosovo and Afghanistan.

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