Love, Hate and Music

My friend Ivo (aka Qondory Weary) has, once again, started updating his blog. I’d like to take a tiny bit of credit for that, though not more than 5% – after all, he’s a writer, and the urge for writing is alive in him.

The one bad thing about blogging is that there is so much of it that it’s hard to find something interesting to read, and that people generally don’t leave comments, which is often discouraging. That’s why I always try to promote the blogs and sites that I enjoy, especially when they’re not hugely popular. There is great writing out there that is obscured by the sheer size of the internet, and it’s worth discovering.

Ivo writes a great deal about music. Music, I would say, is central to his understanding and experience of the world, and he treats it with a mixture of profound love and complex analysis; as a result, his writings on musical subjects make for fascinating and often deeply philosophical reading. Take Resisting the Cold, his review of the new Muse album: it’s a beautifully written review, but it’s also a meditation on love and hate and resistance and art, all in a single blog post. I greatly enjoyed reading it, and I haven’t even listened to the album. Ivo can write poetically about the heaviest of heavy metal, and even if the music would make your ears bleed and your head explode, it’s still worth reading. He also writes beautifully about literature, science, technology, the future, and is an excellent and original poet.

(I’m not just being nice because he’s my friend, or because I broke his character’s ankle in our last RPG session. When I think something sucks, I tend to say so, or keep quiet. I can be very critical.)

So, do yourself a favour and read a bit of a completely undiscovered but absolutely excellent blog. And maybe leave a comment or two – it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes, and you’ll be encouraging a good writer to write more. Think of it as your good deed of the hour.

And now, back to Phenomenon 32. I’m almost done with this damn research menu.

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