We’ll be in Greece from the 30th of June to the 12th of July. Just so you know. I’ll still be reachable by email and everything, but I won’t be working on Phenomenon 32. Then again, I will be working on my novel. Gotta catch up with Verena at some point, or she’ll be published before I’ve even finished mine. (Not that I mind. She is a wonderful writer and deserves to be published. At least people will want to read her stuff.)

But anyway, we’re leaving in two days and I’m already immensely stressed. As if it wasn’t bad enough that I am terrified of flying, there’s also so much to do before we go: tomorrow morning I have a doctor’s appointment about my extremely elevated blood pressure, then I have to work, then we have to do a bunch of shopping… argh. I really wanted to be done with Phenomenon 32 before I left, but that’s just not possible, given the scale of the damn thing.

I’m also stressed about not seeing our cat for 12 days. It’s like having a child, or worse. Right now I almost wish we’d stay here, just for the sake of the kitten. I can’t believe how much I adore the little monster.

Ah, well. I will now attempt to take my stomach-destruction-preventing capsule and then go to bed.