There’s a new trailer for 2012, and it’s pretty impressive.

Yes, I know. The whole 2012 myth is nonsense. Of course it is. And there’s no King Kong, either. And no vampires. Doesn’t mean you can’t make a good movie about them.

So, anyway. I used to hate Roland Emmerich when he was doing nonsense like Independence Day. Ironically, now that it’s fashionable to bash everything he does, he’s started making good films. The Day After Tomorrow had some really great scenes (especially those with Ian Holm); 10.000 BC, which I expected to be silly, was actually really good and touching. And it looks like 2012 will also use the silly myth in order to tell a good story about humanity. Since that is the true purpose of art, and most films these days fail to do it, I’m looking forward to this one, no matter how flawed it may turn out.

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