Not. Fair.

I just spent an hour building a “How to Help” page for this website, with a PayPal donation button and some suggestions about spreading the word a little… and now the god-damn button doesn’t work. And I don’t even know why. This used to be simple.


Makes it really tempting to give up on this idea. I’m uncomfortable with it anyway, and in all the years that I had a button up I got a total of three donations. But I keep thinking that if I could get the people who enjoy my games to help out a little – by donating, by writing to some of the websites that don’t even respond to my emails… I don’t know. I’m proud of some of this stuff – especially Museum and Desert Bridge. It’s frustrating to write to 15 websites that all write regularly about independent games and adventure games and to get something like 3 replies. After eight years of making games that are really quite different, that’s not very encouraging.

Anyway. Back to Phenomenon 32. (With my luck, this one will get all the players. And sure, it’s going to be cool, but it’s not going to touch people like Desert Bridge or Museum. Freak them out maybe, and touch them a little, but not like the others. I doubt it. This is a different experience. I think. We’ll see.)

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