Almost at Desert Bridge again

That update I talked about, that will fix the DPI issues? A couple more days. With the way I managed to cut my finger, and a bit of “normal” work that I had to do, in addition to being rather tired, I’ve had to postpone it a little.

Meanwhile, the breakdown of capitalism continues with the disgusting mess at AIG:

Millions of working people face the prospect of unemployment, foreclosure, poverty and homelessness. For them there will be no bailout, and no million-dollar bonuses like those paid out to 73 executives at the bankrupt financial conglomerate AIG, with the consent of the Obama administration and Congress.

There is deep-seated and rising popular anger over the AIG bonuses, which have become a potent symbol for the criminality of the Wall Street elite and the gross inequality that pervades American society. The Obama administration’s hand-wringing apologies for failing to stop the bonuses are likewise symbolic: demonstrating the subservience of the Democratic Party to the financial aristocracy that really rules America.

As public anger erupted over AIG, both the Obama administration and Democrats and Republicans in Congress have postured as opponents of the blatant looting of public resources. Yet they have all failed to answer a simple question: given the US government owns 80 percent of AIG, and has funneled $180 billion into the company over the past six months, why has it proven impossible to stop the payment of the bonuses, the bulk of them to traders in derivatives, credit default swaps and other exotic financial instruments?

You know, sometimes all of this reminds me so much of the time before World War II that it’s scary. We’re standing so close to the abyss, and it could go either way… the majority of the human population are against this system, but the system is fighting back desperately.

Let’s hope it all goes better this time.

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