The Great Machine: A Fragment

“The story is gripping, the writing is superb, and the atmosphere is very authentic. I can highly recommend this title.”
Independent Adventuring, DIY Games

“For some reason warfare is a popular theme for games — likely on account of a sanitized presentation, playing up the glamorous aspect of saving villages by destroying them. This game does not pull these punches.”

You are sent on a mission; it is critical for the war effort, they tell you. But their eyes are cold and empty, and there are ghosts in the ruins of the world. Hell is closer than we think. You feel ill.

The Great Machine: A Fragment is a work of interactive fiction in the much-maligned CYOA-style. It is a dark and experimental story about soldiers, war, death, and people faced with hell.

Written and designed by Jonas Kyratzes, developed using Adventure Book by Jon Ingold.


Thanks to Parchment, you can play The Great Machine: A Fragment online. I prefer the way the text is handled in the executable version, but it’s not a bad alternative.


TGM installer for Windows (143KB)
Just download this extremely small file and run it to install the game. Pretty simple, no?

TGM executable for DOS (89,9KB)
Just download and run. No installation, no nothing. Also works on Windows, if you don’t want the version above.

TGM Z-code file (43,5 KB)
For those experienced with IF, this is a Z-Code file that can be played with various interpreters. Such programs are available for more or less every system.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


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  2. James

    I loved the game, its great. I found it quite moving. I wanted to ask, is there actually a way to “beat” the game? Because i just get stuck in circles :P. Anyway, congratulations for the game and hope you can make more 😀

  3. William

    Hey Jonas, i love every single one of your games and i hope you continue making more in the future, we need more artists like you, since they are quite scarce nowadays.

    I was wondering, from were did you get your inspiration to make these games? I mean, did you invent the whole “great machine” and “urizen” concept or you took them from somewhere else and applied it in your games? Just wondering since i am curios about this and i cant seem to find information on the net.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. James

    Hey, is there any way to get the game to run on Windows 7 64-bit? I had it on my other computer, and for some reason today I felt like playing it again, but when I tried it said “Not compatible with this operating system”. Thanks

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