The Book of Living Magic



The Book of Living Magic is a strangely trippy jaunt into a world filled with unusual creatures, brilliant prose, pop-culture and visuals straight out of a child’s fevered dreams. It’s, in a word, awesome.
– Cassandra Khaw,

With a unique art style, some excellent writing that flits between serious and silly with absolute precision, and a focus on conversation and exploration over and above puzzles, The Book of Living Magic has a real sense of identity. What might put people off is the simplicity of interactions, which don’t stretch much beyond clicking on someone to either exchange an inventory item or have a chat about something. But it’s all so lovingly crafted, with such attention to detail, that I found myself not really caring.
– Lewis Denby, PC Gamer

Once again Jonas Kyratzes has produced a game that is both fun to play and thought-provoking.
– Steve Brown, Adventure Gamers

I’m slightly hungover at this moment, and even through the nausea, I’m still glued to the narrative with childlike wonder.
– Allen Park, DualShockers

The beautiful hand-painted graphics by Verena Kyratzes and the joyfully eerie music by Helen Trevillion fit the world and story that Jonas has crafted brilliantly, and make this one adventure you simply have to play.
– Gnome’s Lair

Play it. It’s short, it’s funny in a way that few games are, and it comes from the heart.
– Gregory Weir (The Majesty of Colors, Looming)

It’s funny and personal and surprising and beautiful, and I think you guys will like it a lot.
– Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV)





The Book of Living Magic is a point & click adventure game set in the Lands of Dream, the same world The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge is set in. It is the story of a girl with the terrible name of Raven Locks Smith, who travels to the faraway Mountains of Oddness to find the mysterious Book of Living Magic.

All you need to play it is a mouse or any similar rodent (though a capybara may be too large to use efficiently). Items are used automatically, if you have them, and you can click on the scroll to see what you currently need to accomplish.

The controls are really very simple, but remember: it’s the journey that counts, not the destination. Take your time. Explore. Examine the details. Enjoy your time in the Mountains of Oddness.


Written by Jonas Kyratzes.

Graphics by Verena Kyratzes.

Music by Helen Trevillion.


The Making of “The Book of Living Magic”

The creation of this game was documented in a series of videos:

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