Photo by Verena Kyratzes

Moonlight is an interactive story about life, dreams, and Stephen Fry.

You can play it in your browser.

Interactive fiction that flows like a dream, one that surprises at every turn. Dense with nonsense, Jonas Kyratzes’ nonsense, a nonsense far more personal and meaningful than what we usually think of as nonsense, a sea wide with surreality and deep with feeling.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Simply brilliant!

The feeling that struck me most was that of a new, enchanted, interactive improv theatre. It’s not some wild experience over which you have no control; instead, you point the way, and the game winks and says “Why yes, why wouldn’t we?” and away you go. It’s intentional, it’s effortless, it’s joyous.

one of the most perfect hypertext dreamscapes i’ve ever played
anna anthropy