Finished Projects

This is not exactly a CV, but an overview of what I’ve done so far in the world of art.


  • The Talos Principle (2014): writer
  • The Matter of the Great Red Dragon (2014): writer
  • Moonlight (2012): writer
  • The Sea Will Claim Everything (2012): writer, designer
  • Traitor (2012): writer, designer, graphics artist
  • The Fabulous Screech (2012): designer, writer
  • Arcadia: A Pastoral Tale (2012): writer
  • The Book of Living Magic (2011): designer, writer
  • Alphaland (2011): designer, writer
  • You Shall Know The Truth (2011): designer, writer
  • The Infinite Ocean (remake, 2010): designer, writer
  • Phenomenon 32 (2010): writer, designer
  • The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge (2008): designer, writer, programmer
  • The Museum of Broken Memories (2006): designer, writer, programmer
  • The Great Machine: A Fragment (2005): designer, writer
  • The Infinite Ocean (2003): designer, writer
  • Last Rose in a Desert Garden (2000): designer, writer, programmer

Theatre (partial)

  • The Lord of the Thingies (Chaincourt Theatre Company, 2007): co-writer, co-director, set designer,  actor (Borrowmir/Lentamir)
  • The Seven Year Itch (Chaincourt Theatre Company, 2007): set design
  • Fool for Love (Chaincourt Theatre Company, 2007): set design
  • The Tempest (Chaincourt Theatre Company, 2006): actor (Stephano), additional props
  • The Winter’s Tale (Chaincourt Theatre Company, 2006): Clown
  • King Arthur and the Holy Grail (Chaincourt Theatre Company, 2005): actor (King Arthur)
  • Star Warts: The Panto Menace (Chaincourt Theatre Company, 2004): co-writer, co-director
  • The Merry Wives of Windsor (Chaincourt Theatre Company, 2004): actor (Master Page)


  • In the Shadow of the Invisible King (Perispomeni Publishing, 2013 – children’s book, illustrated by Verena Kyratzes): writer
  • The Oneiropolis Compendium (web project, 2011-ongoing): writer
  • Fuck Vampires (self-published, 2011): writer
  • Last Rose in a Desert Garden (Apocalypse Fiction Magazine, Issue 4, 2001): writer


  • The Bolshevik in the Borderlands (The Escapist, Issue 299): writer
  • Second-Hand Elf (The Escapist, Issue 287): writer
  • The Game That Ate The World (The Escapist, Issue 285): writer
  • Give Me An Axe, I’ve Had Enough Of This Puzzle (The Escapist, Issue 284): writer
  • The Greek Situation (Enemies of Reason, March 22nd 2010): writer/guest blogger