News! News! News!

I’ve been very bad about updating this site, mainly because the combination of the goddamn global epidemic and various related complications has been incredibly draining. That and I’ve been working nonstop, which hasn’t exactly been great for my health. But the good news is that this time it looks like things are actually going to get a bit less intense soon.

So, here are the latest news.

  • The Eternal Cylinder did a public beta of the first couple of hours of the game, and the response has been really positive! This makes me very happy, because I love ACE Team and I put a lot of work into that game. I’m especially glad that people seem to be enjoying the narration and wondering about the mysteries of the plot. (The biggest question, of course, is: why is there narration at all?)
  • Serious Sam 4 came out! I didn’t actually talk about this here, mainly because Verena and I immediately plunged into working on The Hand of Merlin and The Talos Principle 2. The response has been more mixed than I’d like, partially for understandable reasons, partially… less so. Still, a lot of people had fun with the characters and the wild ride the game offers, and overall I’m very proud of the work we did, especially when you remember that Croteam is very much not an AAA company.
  • Speaking of which, one of the greatest pleasures of working on Serious Sam 4 was collaborating with Joe Lynch, whom we rather surprisingly cast as Kenny. Recently we made an appearance on the Movie Crypt podcast, which was incredible fun and allowed us to geek out with two directors we love.
  • The Council of Crows was unfortunately impacted by the chaos caused by the epidemic, which slowed me down in a million frustrating ways (I don’t want to go into autobiographical detail and no we’re not sick, but it messed us up good). I am days away from a completely playable version of the game, with a bunch of extra content Verena recently created, and I just… can’t… find… the fucking… time. But the time-consuming problems are almost over.
  • The Hand of Merlin, which Verena and I are writing for Room C Games and Croteam, is reaching the end of its development. In terms of the writing, it’s absurdly ambitious, containing over 200.000 words. And it’s a sci-fi/horror/fantasy adaptation of the Matter of Britain and the Matter of France, which not exactly a lot of people have done before.
  • Later this week I will be announcing a project Chris Christodoulou and I have been collaborating on. It’s an audio drama starring one of my favourite actors, written and directed by me and with sound and music by Chris. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done, and if you liked The Sea Will Claim Everything or The Talos Principle, I think you will like this too. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this and I really, really hope it manages to reach an audience.

That’s it for now. More soon.