Links! 26/04/2016


Whoa, there’s a lot of stuff going on right now. Big projects to work on, major decisions to make, that sort of thing. Also been violently, explosively sick a few times. So there hasn’t been much time for updates. Here’s the most important stuff:

  • I’m going to be at Reboot Develop. I’ll be doing a talk called “Narrative Depth, Literally” (about narrative structure, using The Talos Principle as an example) and also participating in a panel about storytelling in games. If you’re there, come say hi.
  • The Council of Crows got greenlit, which means it will make its debut on Steam, where people might actually hear about it. Now I just need to finish it.
  • Have you seen the reviews posted on the Lands of Dream site? Reviews of things from the Lands of Dream, that is. There will be more soon.
  • There was also this lovely interview with Ontological Geek in which I got to talk about literary influences, politics, and other stuff.
  • If you speak Greek, there’s also this interview I did over at Adventure Advocate, although I was quite sick at the time and don’t clearly remember what I said.