A Postcard From Afthonia

It's a magic postcard!

There’s a new Lands of Dream game!

A Postcard From Afthonia is a short excursion to the Isle of the Sun, set shortly after the events of The Sea Will Claim Everything. But don’t worry, even if you’ve never played that game used that portal, the people of the Isle of the Sun are very friendly and you’ll manage to find your way around.

Want to help two parents who are worried about their baby’s future? Spend some time in the beautiful city of Afthonia? Hang out with the fantastic inhabitants of the Fortunate Isles? Well, download this magical postcard!

If you want to help support the development of more such magical portals to the Lands of Dream, you can also purchase the Special Edition, which includes a delicious audio commentary and an insightful moussaka recipe.

Note: If you backed Ithaka of the Clouds on Indiegogo, you got a free copy of the Special Edition. If your gift code got lost in your spam folder, please write us an email and we’ll fix you up with a new one.