At the time of writing, you have twelve hours left to get the unfairly-ignored-by-the-mainstream-gaming-press Bundle in a Box with The Sea Will Claim Everything in it. After that it will be available via the official Lands of Dream page, which is almost done. The transition will not be instantaneous; because of Verena’s accident (which the taxi driver is now claiming is her own fault, because she supposedly crossed the street when the light was red – it was decidedly not), I’ve spent too much time in hospitals and only started setting up the webshop rather late. This is the sort of process that takes a while, so it’s possible that the game won’t be available for a short period of time. But don’t worry – we’ll use that time to prepare some extra material for it, which will of course also be made available to those who bought the bundle.

After that the great struggle shall be to get the word out and to attempt to get TSWCE onto platforms like GOG or Steam. It’s not easy to get on these, and I don’t know if an odd game like TSWCE stands a chance, but we’re certainly going to try! Not only do we desperately need a little bit of money, but I think it can be argued that the Lands of Dream games tend to fare surprisingly well when exposed to a mass audience, at least judging from the last two.