i can haz icons

Yes indeed. Look at the pretty icons. And click on them. If you want to. They won’t be offended if you don’t. Well, maybe a little. Maybe they’ll set your hat on fire and turn your nipples into squirrel cannons. Who knows? Icons are such unpredictable creatures.

Anyway. My hope is that this sort of thing will help me keep in touch with the people who enjoy my games. Part of the problem I have, you see, is that while there are lots of people who like what I do, they don’t all regularly visit this website. So when I have a new game out, it’s fairly hard to let people know about it. This is particularly important in the context of upcoming commercial releases. So maybe having a Facebook page and all that will help; maybe next time there’s a huge surge of visitors, some of them will click one of those buttons, and thus be in a position to find out about the next game when it comes out.

Until then, why don’t you do so?

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