Corporate Incompetence, Part Three: Total Smegheads

So we finally got internet-on-a-stick. Mobile internet using a USB stick with a SIM card, that is. We were really happy to have received it so quickly, actually. But before we could use it, the account had to be verified by calling a special number and giving them our password. Where to find the password? Don’t worry, it’s right there on the contract we sent you, point number one.

The password on our contract: XXXX.

That’s right, folks, they blacked it out as personal information, like they did with our bank account and a few other things. The password we were supposed to enter wasn’t there. I bet Kafka got his internet connection from these people, too.

Eventually we managed to get through to the tech support hotline. Theoretically the verification process has begun and at some point we’re supposed to be able to access the internet. After several hours it still wasn’t working, though we can’t tell if this is due to the account not being verified or due to a lack of network coverage. If it’s the latter, nervous breakdowns may occur in the vicinity of my head.

I’m writing to you from my father-in-law’s computer, which is refusing to recognize my external hard drive, making it impossible to upload the images for our children’s book so our publisher can finally download them. And since the Stencyl 1.2 download still isn’t available separately, I can’t even update Traitor.

A couple of nights ago, after watching several episodes of Red Dwarf and Goodness Gracious Me, I dreamt I was on a spaceship, taking an exam about Hinduism. The second task was to write a definition of “avatar”.

Am I going insane? If not, should I be?

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