Many paths to the same book

The news, with bullet points:

  • The Book of Living Magic is now on Kongregate! Not only is it on there, but it’s been frontpaged! This makes me extremely happy, since as you probably know it’s been relatively difficult to get the word out. What makes me even more happy is watching people figure out some of the more obscure references and jokes, and seeing how everyone has a different favourite. Writing that stuff is the best (and most challenging) part of making a Lands of Dream game, and it generally involves a lot of giggling.
  • By the way, one of the greatest things about the Lands of Dream games for me personally is that I can replay them, because there are so many jokes and so many of them are so obscure that I don’t actually remember having written them.
  • The Book of Living Magic is also on Newgrounds, where it could use some of your love. (Really. The rating is abysmal.)
  • Actually, if you have a Kongregate account (and why wouldn’t you), positive votes are definitely appreciated on that site, too. Games like BoLM get a lot of bad ratings for having too much text, which drags the overall rating down. Not that I’m complaining. I’m really not.
  • Gregory Weir wrote a review of The Book of Living Magic. This makes me happy.
  • Terry Cavanagh also had very nice things to say about it. What would I do without these people?
  • This is a different path to a different book, but don’t forget that Verena’s novelette Life Support is available on the Kindle.
  • I would also like to mention that Catroidvania is becoming increasingly insane.

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