Achromatic Blah

I have a lot of things to write about. Exciting game-related news, thoughtful pieces about literature and art, philosophical musings about life and love… but I’m going to talk about the weather.

You see, the weather is grey.

That by itself is bad enough. It’s dark and depressing and boring and generally blah. I don’t like grey weather. I like my weather to be blue, or yellow, or white. Or rainbow-coloured.

But the weather is grey in June. It should not be grey in June. Not all the time, anyway. It can have little grey hiccups, brief phases of grey angst, but grey should not be the dominant theme.

Then there’s the thunderstorms. Thunderstorms scare our cat and force me to turn off my computer. But normally thunderstorms in summer are good – they’re intense, but fast, and afterwards the atmosphere is nice and clear. Not so with these thunderstorms. They just go boom and bang and woosh and leave everything just as awful as it was before. It’s humid, the air pressure is high, and headaches are common.

My birthday turned out not to be date of the Rapture after all, so can’t I at least have some damn sunlight? This is June! Where are all the clouds coming from? Did Angela Merkel fart and cover the sky with her evil gasses? Is there now a law that this country has to be depressing all of the time? Has brightness been removed from the budget?

I want sunlight, dammit.

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