The Guantanamo Files

Wikileaks has done it again – now they’re revealing hundreds of files from Guantanamo. The media, of course, will probably misrepresent these files, especially since they are written by the people working at Guantanamo and thus contain all sorts of highly suspect information. Don’t forget people were tortured to make the confessions recorded there. However, the files also contain lots of information about how many completely innocent people, even children, were incarcerated in Guantanamo (and almost certainly brutally tortured).

If you’re a game developer and were uncertain about making a Wikileaks Stories game because the cables didn’t give you any good ideas, maybe the personal stories of these people will inspire you. Concentration camps should not be tolerated, not anywhere in the world, and especially not in countries that were founded on the principles of democracy (or at least the hope thereof).

This is your chance to do something. Use it.

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