A Barrelful of Links

Links! They’re wonderful! They smell of heaven! They go “bloop” when you touch them!

Here’s a bunch of them for you to enjoy:

  • Gaming Made Me: Quest for Glory IV. The Quest for Glory games remain hugely influential in my work, especially in the Lands of Dream games, and QfG IV was the first one I played. I love it very much, despite its utterly evil bugs, and this article by Richard Cobbett is most excellent.
  • Ludus Novus 21: Tin Medals. Gregory Weir talks about achievements. I’ve always enjoyed Gregory’s podcasts, and this one is no exception.
  • Coming Soon: Alphaland. OK, it’s just a screenshot, but it’s from the infinitely cooler version Terry has created.
  • Malvina Reynolds: We Hate To See Them Go. Another great (and very funny) song from the coolest old lady there ever was. Is Captain Mal Reynolds named after her?
  • The Case Against Bombing Libya. Blowing people up usually doesn’t help anyone, and “humanitarian war” is a contradiction in terms.
  • If you happen to speak Greek, watch this analysis of the Greek economic situation. Very interesting stuff.
  • Goodnight, old Fangtooth. Verena writes eloquently about her parents’ old, formerly vicious cat who recently died.
  • And here’s a German article about Wikileaks Stories and You Shall Know The Truth that quotes me a couple of times. It’s perhaps a little more negative than I would have liked, but hey, if it reaches people, I’m happy.

That’s it for now. A new Making Of shall appear later today.

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