Whoa! and reptiles

Hey, what happened to the last eight days? Did I really not update for that long? What the hell?

Anyway. Here are some bullet points, just for you:

  • Making good progress on A Candle in the Dark. I’ve figured out all the important aspects of the design, made most of the new graphics, and gotten the player sprite to behave as it should. Yesterday I started building the interface, and level making shall begin soon.
  • I quite enjoyed American Dream, a deliciously satirical new indie game about the wonders of capitalism. What makes me really appreciate the game is not only its subject matter, but the way in which it uses its game mechanics to make its point. And it’s also very successful on an aesthetic level.
  • Another indie game I’d recommend is Beacon, a simple platformer with beautiful graphics and really good writing. If you like my work, I suspect you’ll enjoy this one.
  • And let’s not forget A Ride Home, Gregory Weir’s first experiment with Unity. The game is very short, but the atmosphere is perfect.
  • The Infinite Ocean got 5th place in the Point-and-Click Adventure category at Jay is Games Best of Casual Gameplay 2010. Not bad for a game that’s heavy on the philosophy and light on the puzzles!
  • The only thing that’s slightly bothering me driving me mad is still having to sit on You Shall Know The Truth. So many people are interested in it, and I’ve gotten positive feedback from everyone who’s seen it, but it’s not the easiest game to sell.
  • If you’re expecting an email from me and haven’t gotten it, I’m really sorry. I’ve been kind of swamped with work, bureaucratic stuff, and stress.
  • On a more positive note, check out these new photos that Verena posted. This one is my favourite, I think; the scales just look so surreal.