The Great Machine: A Fragment (online version)

Something I hadn’t linked to before (because I didn’t think about it) is the online version of The Great Machine: A Fragment. It’s basically just the game’s Z-Code file run with Parchment, and it doesn’t print the text the way I’d prefer (in page-sized chunks), but it’s a nice way of playing the game.

I’ve been thinking about making a Flash version of The Great Machine at some point. Experimental text-based “Choose Your Own Adventure” games may not be the most popular medium of all time, and the game’s writing is not without flaws, but I think the experience it delivers (especially in the way it uses structure to reinforce story) is fairly unique and could reach more people. Besides, there aren’t enough games that remind us that war is hell. And, as I’ve said elsewhere, “war is hell” is not a cliché. War is hell.

Another thing to add to the list. A list I should probably write more about.


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