Slouch onwards, young master!

We’re back in the land of the living, more or less. My stomach is still somewhat unstable, I get nauseous on occassion and a headache is never far… but I’m way better than before. And Verena is pretty much fully recovered now, though she was pretty sick, too.

That was one hell of a virus. I don’t think I’ve been that sick in a long, long time; on the first day I was literally delirious from the fever, pain and lack of sleep. I kept falling asleep for just a few seconds, dreaming something, and then being unable to tell whether it was real. Mumbling to myself like a lunatic, too exhausted to make myself understood. That’s when I wasn’t involuntarily screaming from the unholy pain of stomach muscles cramping into shapes that would make even Cthulu uneasy.

Yeah, it wasn’t a lot of fun.

The only problem I still have is low energy reserves. I’m working again – if I don’t get to work on my next non-Wikileaks game soon, we’ll be in trouble – but my body is still rather weak. On the plus side, I did lose several kilos… though I suspect this is not the right way of doing so. I wouldn’t recommend it, anyway.

Speaking about Wikileaks Stories, I was interviewed about it again yesterday, which is both cool and somehow intimidating. But I’m glad the project is getting attention; it is a meaningful artistic initiative, and I think it deserves as much support as it can get, despite including me in it. (If there is one thing I find disappointing, it’s that there hasn’t been more support from the indie scene. But maybe that’s still coming.)

After being out of touch with reality for several days, returning to the internet is mostly an unpleasant experience. What happened to there being news that are exciting or uplifting? From the Giffords shooting (which the media are so pathetically trying to make unpolitical) to the continuing persecution of Wikileaks, the world’s heading straight to hell. Sometimes it really does make you want to hide under a rock. Unfortunately, that approach doesn’t work, because you can’t ignore the world; when it all goes to hell, hell will seek you out under your rock and set you on fire.

OK, I’ll try to get some work done now.

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