The Urthona Update

So, you may have been wondering what’s happening with The Urthona Revolution. The answer is nothing and everything.

Let me explain. The Urthona Revolution started out as a game. Then I realized that, at the time, I couldn’t pull it off properly. Then, years later, inspired by A Stray To Botaram and feeling the need for a serial project, I attempted to turn it into a webcomic. Then a lot of stuff happened, including having to find a new host for the comic, and I wanted to continue it a bit later, and a bit later, and a bit later…

Meanwhile, one major frustration with the webcomic for me was that I kept imagining scenes with music, and couldn’t do that. I loved what I could do in terms of visual storytelling, but somehow the story wasn’t as perfect a fit for the medium as the above-mentioned Botaram.

The solution occured to me last night. Yes, The Urthona Revolution will be a game after all – but keeping the comic’s visual and storytelling style and using interactivity to enhance the narrative in all sorts of experimental little ways. I think it’ll be fun, and it will work much better.

Another project for 2011. This will be an interesting year.

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