Rakk, Paper, Shotgun

The Infinite Ocean is on Rock, Paper, Shotgun! This is very awesome, and now I have yet another reason to be thankful to Terry Cavanagh.

Speaking of Terry, I’m also getting really heavily into my new draft of Nexus City, the RPG that we’re making together. The current draft (of the script) is still in that phase where it feels like an incredibly complicated puzzle, but I’m getting it under control. I can’t tell you just how excited I am about this project, so I’m very happy to be working and making progress.

I also forgot to mention that my Escapist article has been pushed back to the first issue of the new year. Not rejected or shredded, just bumped for reasons unrelated to its actual content or quality. It’s still going to appear, so there’s nothing to be too disappointed about.

I apologize for the random Borderlands reference in the title. I really need to find the time to write down why I’m so in love with that game.

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