Waves in the Ocean

The feedback for The Infinite Ocean has been overwhelming. As with the first release, there are many people who think it’s “lame” or “boring” or “pretentious,” but the game is also reaching the right people. I actually think this time around it’s doing much better, and all the conversations about its meaning that I always hoped would take place are finally happening. This is excellent.

To my delight, it’s also been featured in a Casual Girl Gamer article entitled “Another 20 games that make you think about life.” This is also excellent.

Less excellent is that a few people have reported a glitch near the end. I’ve looked through the code, but since no-one has actually told me what the glitch is, I can’t really fix it. So please tell me!

Edit: The glitch has been found and killed. The updated version has been sent to ArmorGames, and will hopefully be up sometime tomorrow (Monday).

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