Games Old and New (Important Stuff)

I’ve made a fairly major decision about my old games: I’m going to remake several of them, including The Museum of Broken Memories and The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of Desert Bridge (which is not really a game, I know). No, not immediately, and not as sponsored games. This will be a slow process that will mostly happen in the background. The new games remain a priority. But it’s going to happen, and the results will come out next year.

I must admit it took some courage to decide to do this, but my experience with The Infinite Ocean was rather inspiring. I want to make sure that these games, which mean a lot to me, are available in good versions that will run on modern systems. They deserve that.

I have also decided to officially describe Phenomenon 32 as “unstable” from now on. Yes, it runs perfectly on some systems, but I don’t want to give the wrong impression. It may have fewer bugs than a lot of commercially-released games, but that doesn’t mean it’s stable. It’s not. Not enough. In a couple of weeks, after I’ve finished more of my Nexus City writing, I will take another look and see if the newer version of Construct might make the game more stable. I’m still very happy with how the game turned out, so don’t take this as some kind of caving in to negativity. Acknowleding that the current version is unstable is just the first step to making sure that eventually there will be a stable version.

The Infinite Ocean is coming out on Tuesday. Beware.

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