Phenomenon 32 is people!

A podcast called Pretty GameCast has done an episode about Phenomenon 32. For some reason, hearing people talk about my work (as opposed to reading what they wrote) freaked me out a great deal. But the results are pretty nice: fair praise, fair criticism, and an interesting look (for me) into how people perceive the game before they’ve finished it. What pleased me the most was that a) people do get genuine emotional responses out of the game, especially from the ruined cities, which are very important to me b) the pod people really liked the voice acting. Yay!

So, all is well. I also finished the flash version of The Infinite Ocean today, and just need to prettify some details tomorrow. I like this new version a lot: it’s got sound effects, the writing is better, and there’s even the occasional joke. And it’s still the same story.

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