Room 4

Despite having the mother of all headaches, I managed to do some very nice work today. I finished every little bit that was left of The Infinite Ocean‘s inventory and password systems, and then did something actually interesting.

Now, as you probably do not know, The Infinite Ocean consists of eight rooms, which the game calls rooms 1 to 9. Why? Because originally there was a room 4, and at some point during development of the first version (which was actually the third, but that’s another story) in 2003, one of the rooms was scrapped. I always really liked the one image I had created, and it had been part of my original vision, but I just couldn’t pull off the rest of the room properly at the time. Ultimately I decided it had to go.

But today, upon finding that I still had all my original files tucked away in a folder on my hard drive, I decided to have another look at room 4. And then I went and finished the work I’d started seven years ago.

It’s not a radical change to the game, but it is pretty cool, and it makes me quite happy.

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