Gnome’s Lair has published a really nice review of Phenomenon 32:

Phenomenon 32, being Kyratzes’ most ambitious project so far, is much more than the sum of its parts. Besides the beautiful black and white visuals, its atmospheric soundscape and a deeply depressing and simultaneously surreal game world, Phenomenon 32 is an incredibly immersive experience, designed to be savored slowly and carefully. It is after all a hard and demanding game, that simply cannot be completed in one sitting. It also is a game filled with surprises and little touches of excellence, that go far beyond what you might expect from a free game.

As for the plot, well, it’s one of the best I’ve ever encountered in a video game ever and a key part of Phenomenon 32. Set in an alternate version of the 70s the game is engrossing, deeply political, truly unique and thought-provoking, and is supported by some quality writing and impressive voice-work.

But I do have to complain about one thing in this review: it gets my first name wrong! Again! What is it with Greek people and my first name? It’s Jonas, not John, not Jannis, not Isaac, and not Abraham, either! (Yes, I’ve been called all of those. Some people don’t believe Jonas is a real name, others confuse it with every other Jewish name there is. GRARGH!) I’m smiling as I type this, of course, because after nineteen years of living in Greece, it only drives me up the wall in a humorous way.

But seriously. Grargh.

(Edit: It’s now been fixed. Thanks!)

Awesome review, though. More please. *g*

In other news, over at Commentarium Verena has written Another Look at the Predator Movies, which you should read.

Just as importantly, this photo of basement cat. And look at all its variations! Our cat makes for good lolcats.

And all of this reminds that I really ought to update my links, maybe sort them a bit, definitely add some descriptions.

Did you know there’s a cat staring at you?

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