Phenomenon 32 now on GameJolt

Phenomenon 32 is now available for download from GameJolt. You can also rate the game and say nice, fluffy things about it. (I like nice, fluffy things.)

Since people seem to think that the latest version is fairly stable, I’d be very happy if people could start promoting the game now. Tell your family! Tell your friends! Tell the naked hobo you met on the street yesterday! Repost it on Twitter! Repost it on Facebook! Tell your favourite sites about it! Tattoo the URL onto your best friend’s bottom! Write a song about it! Write an opera about it! Adopt a pet in its name! Or just play it and have fun.

Also, please help finance my next game and I will trap an avatar of yourself in a strange world full of trolls and people with elastic heads. Wouldn’t you like that? You know you would.

Edit: GameJolt link removed. I like the site, but amount of hatred the game attracted there is a bit too much.

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