I’m annoyed at myself for not posting enough, and especially for updating Commentarium so sporadically in the last few days, but I’m actually working and making real progress. I’ve completed going through the levels of Phenomenon 32 and making various changes, and am now going to add a couple of new areas. Then I’m going to have one last look at all the sound files (some need to have the volume increased and more static added).

And then the game might be done. I think so, anyway. I’m not making definite statements to avoid trouble with Sky Cat. But, maybe one of these days…

There are also some really excellent articles coming up on Commentarium, including a review of Splice, one of the most disturbing (but excellent) films I’ve ever seen.

And when Phenomenon 32 is finished, a barrage of creative work will be unleashed that has been waiting for a long time.

It’s April Fools’ day, and I haven’t made any absurd prankstery comments yet, so here are some silly ideas:

  • the United States and Israel are thinking about attacking Iran with nuclear weapons
  • Germany is trying so hard to control the EU and use it to Do More Evil that they might just make the whole system disintegrate
  • the US is provoking China in every way it can think of short of declaring war
  • the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are still not over
  • rendition is still happening; our governments are still torturing people
  • there are people who think Glenn Beck is not a megalomanic psychopath
  • Sarah Palin exists

Wait. That’s actually all true.

Dear Lord…

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