my ego eclipses the sun

Comment: I think your global statements about me after reading 3 lines of text says a lot more about you than me. Your ego eclipses the very sun, for one. Though I am sorry I hurt your feelings so much that I evoked such a powerful reaction.

I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but sometimes I simply cannot help it. Plus the bit about my ego eclipsing the sun made me laugh. (As did the delicious irony of this coming from a person who doesn’t even remotely know me.)

It is, of course, impossible to judge people you’ve never met. We all make mistakes, and first impressions are sometimes terribly wrong. It’s easy to get off on the wrong foot, even with people you end up liking a great deal.

However – a person that goes to someone else’s blog, reads a post about their fragile emotional state or their personal beliefs, and posts something like “Are you fucking serious?” is quite simply a jerk. That’s all there is to it, buddy. You can try making it about my ego. You can try claiming I overreacted. But the point is that you are someone who has nothing better to do than to post a comment like that on someone else’s blog. What are you trying to achieve by doing so? What exactly is the point of expressing your shock and disbelief at my way of looking at the world? What does anyone have to gain from your comment?


The only reason you make comments like that is because your ego eclipses the sun, because you actually think that your opinion, which is nothing more than a disguised attack (why else the language? why not honestly talk to me about what you think is my overreaction?), is actually important enough that I and other readers have to see it. We need to hear your dismissal of what I think, we need to see how superior you are.

This is what you choose to put your energy into. Going to some fairly unknown writer’s blog and putting up comments about how you think their emotions and thoughts are pathetic (without signing your name, of course). What are you doing there? You’re not a fan of the work, since the work contains the same ideas by which the writer lives. You’re not intellectually questioning the writer’s ideas to get him to challenge himself. No, you’re just there because it gives you an audience. On a bigger site you’d just get shouted down for the troll you are, but here people might actually read your complaints.

You’re not the guy with the clever sarcasm questioning the status quo and the assumptions of others. You’re not the outsider who has seen through the bullshit. You’re not the person saying what no-one else wants to say.

You’re just a jerk.

And you see, I’m not angry. I’m laughing right now. Sometimes I find it sad that there are people like you, who have nothing better to spend their time on, but reading your comment really made me laugh. Hell, I was tired after a long day of walking and bureaucratic nonsense, and your comment really cheered me up.

But there are limits to this kind of thing. I have a lot of projects to work on, and I don’t really have the time for sad individuals like you. But here’s some advice: get a life.

Seriously. What are you doing here? Why are you reading this blog? Why do you waste time writing aggressive and unpleasant comments that you could spend creating art or hanging out with your friends? You think my ego eclipses the sun, but all I do is maintain this website and share the art that I make. You’re the one who goes to other people’s websites to share his bitterness. Think about that.

You could be drawing.

You could be painting.

You could be composing.

You could be writing.

You could be dancing.

You could be acting.

You could be using your limited time on this planet to do something that will benefit you and the world. Leaving unpleasant comments on my blog is not such a thing. Stop coming here. Stop leaving comments I’m only going to delete anyway. It benefits no-one. Do something with your time. Learn how to use language to express doubt without being aggressive. Learn when it is appropriate to be sarcastic and when not. Every moment you spend being a jerk is a moment wasted.

Stop wasting your energy on someone you don’t know, whose work you cannot possibly like, and find something or someone that makes you happy.

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