Misery’s the River of the World

Progress has been… sporadic. I find that being alone makes it much harder to concentrate. I did manage to create an interesting new obstacle for Phenomenon 32, though, so I guess I should be happy about that. Wasted a lot of time watching Inside the Actors Studio on YouTube.

I was amused by how a few people seemed to react quite negatively to the idea that I really, really love my wife. They seem to find this almost offensive, as if I was peddling some kind of absurd notion like homeopathy, and not the most ancient and profound human experience of all. But then, to the fashionably cynical, the very notion that there might be profound human experiences is offensive, because it shatters their flat little world.

I am grateful for my friends, who are not superficial cynics and do understand how I feel. I’ve been miserable, but I would’ve been a lot more miserable without their support. (You know who you are. Especially you.)

Soppy emo shit? Only if you don’t have a life. Get one of those – they’re good.

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