The Truth About Release Dates

You: So, when’s Phenomenon 32 going to be released? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? Never?

Jonas: Well, I was hoping tomorrow.

Sky Cat: Don’t be too sure about that.

Jonas: Why? It’s done, and I’ve decided that this crashing thing can’t be fixed. It doesn’t happen all the time, anyway. And when it does happen, it doesn’t affect your save files, so it’s not the end of the world. Most commercial games have a lot more bugs.

You: See? He can release the game tomorrow!

Sky Cat: Maybe.

You & Jonas: Maybe?

Sky Cat: I might come up with a new problem. I’m good at that.

Jonas: Look, you’ve been doing that for two weeks, don’t you think enough is enough?

Sky Cat: LOL

Jonas: Please don’t do that.

Sky Cat: Why not? Can i haz crashing gaem?

Jonas: Argh!

Sky Cat: skycat maek gaem crashz lol

Jonas: *explodes*

You: Run away! Run away!

And that is the truth.

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