Systems check…

Once again, I spent many hours today trying to figure out and destroy bugs. For a time I was certain I’d managed to get them all, then I despaired when everything started going to hell, then I apparently managed to get to the point where there is only one random crash – the same one this whole story began with. It doesn’t happen every time I run the game, and frankly there is no pattern; neither have all my attempts at fixing it done anything. Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn’t. (There’s one more approach I just came up with, but I doubt it will do anything. But I’ll try it.)

Right now I’m going to stop working for a few hours and go hang out with some good friends of ours. We did the same yesterday evening, and I was reminded just how good it is to spend time with people you really like. It just makes the universe seem brighter, somehow. And I need that.

Anyway, it looks like all that’s left is to try a couple of approaches to this one bug, and then go through one final check-up.

But I can’t make any promises. I’m the Trickster’s toy right now, and anything is possible.

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