Does this sound tinny to you?

Testing, testing, testing.

One out of two problems seems to be OK now, though all these errors are so unpredictable that I still feel quite paranoid.

The crashing error, oddly enough, seems to occur only when I’m running the game from inside Construct. When I just run the .exe, it seems to be OK. This also makes me paranoid.

In the process of testing, I’m also attempting to optimize the game where I can so that it eats fewer resources. (Does anyone know of any good ways for figuring out hardware requirements? Other than just saying “a lot.” All my old games were so pathetically easy on system resources that you could probably run them on a 80486. Guess I’ll also ask in the Construct forums.)

Oh, and thank you all for being so kind and supportive. (Except for Evil Roda, who is evil and supportive.) It’s been very helpful.

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