When I said I was going to release Phenomenon 32 on the 15th, I did not say in which timezone I was thinking. If you thought Germany, you were wrong! I was actually thinking of the Oneiropolis timezone, and there it’s actually 11:63 on January the 14th. So I’m going to release the game in February.

Relax, that was a joke. I will release the game tomorrow morning/noon, depending on when I manage to wake up. I need to write a manual and create an installer, and I’m just too fucking tired to do that. Today was a miserable, awful day (it was going well until my glasses exploded) and I need to have a clear mind when I run some final checks and deliver the thing to the masses. (All three of you.)

But that’s it. There will be no more delays. You can play Phenomenon 32 on the weekend.

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