In Greece Again

It’s odd being here. I’ve probably said so before, but it’s true. Being in Greece is very odd for me.

In a way, it’s like having walked back into my childhood. Sure, things have changed, but more things have remained the same. Especially since Germany is so different. And I suppose the feeling becomes even stronger because coming back here means living with my parents; going from being a married person living my own life to being in a place where most of the decisions are made by other people.

This is not unbearable, but it’s not a boon, either. Being here reminds me of how badly I wanted to leave – not because I hated my parents or the country, but because I have an intense need for independence, for being able to live my own life. That’s why I could never understand people who live at home for years and years after they’re done with school. Unless it’s for financial reasons, that is. But if it isn’t, I really don’t understand it. (I also don’t condemn people for it.) To me, having my own space and structuring my days the way I want to is essential to my happiness.

Anyway, we’re in Greece. It’s cold, but it’s warmer than Germany. Writing is going at top speeds, and I finally figured out another piece of the puzzle that is my novel.

More soon.

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