So, I was ready to release Phenomenon 32 tomorrow. It just needed a few more hours of work. I was extremely happy. Hell, I even had some of the publicity stuff done.

Then my computer got infected with a most seriously nasty trojan. Remember when my computer got hacked a few years ago and we had all this trouble? Yeah, here we go again. I’d guess it’s probably the same person doing this. Maybe also the same person who destroyed my website around the time of The Museum of Broken Memories.

This, of course, means I can’t release Phenomenon 32. We’re going to Greece on Sunday, and I haven’t had the time to finish it. Worse, I don’t know if any of the files are infected. I do have a backup copy, so the game won’t be lost, but I may have to format the harddrive and reinstall Windows. Oh, and let’s not even get into the issue of my film files…

This morning I was close to a nervous breakdown. I feel a bit better now, but it’s still enormously frustrating. I wanted to finish this. I wanted to get rid of this incredible burden that this project has become. I want you to be able to play this. But it’ll have to wait until January, even though it’s so close to being finished.

I’m writing this from a friend’s computer, because I have no intention of giving all my passwords and other data to the hacker. I will update again from Greece, where I will be trying to finish my novel.

As for the person who did this… well, you’re a pathetic moron, and if you think this will do anything, you are quite mistaken.

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